Is Fall Maybe The Best Time To Buy A Home?

by Mary Robertson 10/13/2019

A home is one of the most important things for a lot of us, and everyone loves the fresh smell of a new home. People often wonder what the best season to buy a new home is. And even though a lot of people like to think of spring or summer as favorable seasons to purchase new property, fall is indeed a great season to buy a home. 

 Firstly, this is because by fall, there is less competition for the available houses as most people looking to buy homes would have purchased in the summer, so there's less pressure on you to increase the amount you are willing to pay. Most people who put their homes on the market in fall season are generally folks who ‘need' to sell, so you have a little more room for leverage when you are negotiating.

Still talking about negotiating, some of the houses available by fall have been on sale all summer – the longer a home has been on the market, the more willing the owners are to make a deal – so most sellers are super motivated and looking to close already. By this time, sellers are just about ready for that offer they can't afford to refuse – which is where you come in. 

You also get to benefit indirectly when you buy a home in fall; most furniture and home appliances – washers, refrigerators, cookware, TVs – are at their lowest by the Christmas holidays, so you get to renovate your new home with the extra savings as you move in. Many builders also offer quick move-in deals within fall, so that may be great for you if you are particular about a brand new home.

Also by fall, the year is rolling out to an end, so there are typically fewer buyers in the market. That means you get more attention from your estate agent, real estate lawyers and even bankers, so you can ask your questions in detail and get thorough responses. You never can tell; this could result in some unexpected information that could help you save some cash. Don’t forget that fewer buyers in the market, means fewer movers this season, so you might be able to pull off a sweet deal from your moving company too.

So if you are looking to get a terrific deal as you move into a new home, fall season might actually be the best time for you.

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